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My Stay at Park Central - San Francisco

My Stay at Park Central - San Francisco


Last month I had the opportunity to stay at Park Central in San Francisco.

This has been, out of all of my travels, one of my favorite hotels I have ever stayed at! What I value most in a hotel and in travel experiences in general, is friendly staff, comfortable accommodations and easy access to the area I’m staying in.
Park Central went above and beyond in every area.

Some of my favorite perks of the hotel were the downstairs lobby and lounge area, which featured a pool table, bar and restaurant. Each feature of the hotel made me feel so at ease and at home. Another thing I wanted to note is how HUGE the room was that I stayed in. I was so surprised by how spacious the area was.

My trip through California had a lot of ups-and downs, from having to let a member of my team go, getting (a little) lost trying to find some of the photo locations on our trip (mainly due to no cell service in the rural areas we were in), and then losing my debit card. Oh my gosh, that last one was a kicker.

After everything that happened on that trip, Park Central was just amazing. Their front desk staff actually called around to help me find my debit card that I had lost in the area, and they just put me at ease with the way that they handled it. I’m so glad that my trip in California led me to Park Central- and if you are EVER in the Bay Area, I highly recommend staying here.

Pictured below are some more shots from the hotel.

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