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Crossroads Westside Apartments- Best Luxury Apartments In KC

Crossroads Westside Apartments- Best Luxury Apartments In KC

Kansas City is one of my favorite places in the world; the culture, the people, the music, it’s a place like no other.
When I heard that Crossroads Westside had opened, I knew I had to check it out for myself!


Walking up, my husband and I were both immediately impressed. The security of the building is top notch- and they even have a screen that shows your face when you go to buzz in as a visitor. Living in a city, safety is one of our top priorities when looking at an apartment, so we were pretty excited about that!


Entering the building, the entryway and lounge were super eye catching. I love all the colors that they incorporated in these rooms. It doesn’t feel busy either- which is hard to do with so many colors. It still feels very homey and like a place that you’d want to hang out. The lounge/hangout area features two TVs, coffee makers, a small conference room (with a larger conference room off one of the halls, that is available for residents to use), as well as different couches, chairs, and a large dining table perfect for entertaining guests!


I was loving the mail room. The lime green and orange walls are super fun- and the space is awesome! Something I thought was really cool about this apartment complex is that large packages have their own room!! If a package is too large for the mailbox or for the smaller package boxes in the mail room- residents will get a key to grab it from a package room that’s available to them at all times! As a girl with a crazy schedule, that is super appealing to me.


We checked out one of the show units next. The apartment that we looked at was a two bedroom, one bath. Something that immediately caught my eye upon walking into the apartment was how spacious it is! The living room is large for an apartment- and the kitchen is gorgeous. Each unit comes with a washer and dryer already installed and ready for use too. (LOVE!) The bedrooms are the perfect size, and the closets are massive. Each unit also has its own balcony!


As far as gyms go, Crossroads has every other apartment beat. Not only do they have the typical gym equipment, they also have a spin cycle class- led on a tv so it’s available at any time! I think I cycled for 5 minutes and I was already beat. (Definitely need to go to the gym more.) They also have yoga two times a week available to all residents!


The game room, available to all residents, is insane. The sliding doors open right to the pool for the perfect summer afternoon. We had way too much fun playing games!


Last, but definitely not least, is the dog grooming room! You can walk your dog straight off the elevator located across the hall, and give them a bath. I think this is just too stinking’ cool.


Crossroads Westside apartments completely blew me away. They are by far the best and most unique luxury apartment in Kansas City, and the perfect place to call home!
If you are interested in renting one of their gorgeous units, their website is below!


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