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I Got Doobed! .... So What Is It?

I Got Doobed! .... So What Is It?

Two weeks ago I went to Kansas City and visited Doob KC and got Doobed.
I wanted to explain to you guys a little bit about what this is, and why it’s so cool!
So a Doob is a photo-realistic 3D replica printed of YOU. (Or your puppy, family member, friend, etc.) It captures you in that exact moment- just like a photo- but from every angle, and it’s so much more realistic than just a photograph!

The process is super easy. We filled out some quick paperwork with my information and I stepped into the 3D ‘doob-licator’ booth and struck a post. The cameras shot from every angle to capture me exactly how I am in real life. We checked the photo on the screen afterward to make sure it’s what I was happy with- and we were done! Seriously, so easy.

These make the perfect gift for grandparents, parents or anyone who would value this moment of you captured in time. It’s so much more special than just a photograph!

Below are some pictures of the process, and some more pictures of me and my Doob!

It takes about two weeks for production after the initial photos and you can request that your Doob to be delivered to the closest Doob store near you, or to your home!

Thank you so much, Doob KC. This is something I will treasure!

Visit https://www.doob3d.com and find the Doob location nearest to you!


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